Monday, December 19, 2005

When you write code for 13 hours....

I'm currently in Minot, North Dakota, visiting my wife's family for the holidays. It is cold. When I have time, I've been working like crazy giving my new laptop (primarily designated for two things...writing and D&D...guess which I'm using it for most!) a workout by updating a huge pile of game related files.

Before we left for Minot I digitally photographed almost every figure I own...close to 3,000 if you count all the duplicates and dungeon dressing. Now I'm putting the digital photos of the figures into publisher files with AD&D Monstrous Compendium style stat and ecology pages...I'm also doing the same thing with all of my character and NPC figures.

Before we left I had gotten a bunch of PDF files of old 2nd edition materials off of the free downloads from the Wizards site and purchased from RPGnow, all of which I'm boiling down into my own campaign related support materials that will live on the laptop...which also has the AD&D 2nd Edition Core Rules and Expansion, the Forgotten Realms Atlas, and a few other related programs. I know, super geek.

What I've been working on mostly today is setting up a sprawling website for the campaign which will include a huge FR timeline and archive of campaign notes, NPCs, maps and so well as a links section to relevant support sites, related materials, and the Yahoo Group discussion board I set up for my players to organize play and share notes.

I could easily spend 24-7 working on this....but hereby resolve to make sure that I actually spend some time with both my wife and my wife's family and not spend the entire 20 days...that's right...20 days...madly typing away on my lap top in my mother-in-law's office.

After I get home, I'll send the new website and update links on this page.

I am sure that nobody else is reading this...but it helps my sanity to write this is like a confessional.


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