Sunday, January 28, 2007

The Company of the Severed Head

I've finally gotten around to starting the blog which will be the chronicle of my current player's adventures in my realms in short story form.

We have a Yahoo Group for limited role playing between sessions, and hammering out the details of play times, mechanics, and other issues.

Our primary scribe also posts his session notes there, along with additional notes from the other players.

I will be compiling those combined notes and putting them down in a narrative using my primary NPC voice, that of Shandar the Ashen One.

You can find those posts here:

The Company of the Severed Head.

All posts there will be in character, though comments need not necessarily be. Nothing will be posted there that is DM only information, though this blog might frequently present information on monsters and other items which the player characters would not be aware of.

So, if you are reading there and are familiar with the modules through which the players are adventuring, please don't give spoilers in your comments or questions. It might be better to ask a question on this blog about an inconsistent date, mechanics, or problems with continuity of canon between my realms and the official Realms rather than over where my players will be reading about themselves.

I hope you enjoy their travels as much as I am.



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