Monday, August 06, 2007

2E Citation Project

Some of you know that I've been compiling an index of 2E monsters and what 2E materials their stats appeared in.

The task is becoming too massive for a single blog post, and I'm going to have to give in and do it in an Excel spread sheet...unfortunately, I don't have MS Office on my laptop, so doing that may take a good long while. $399 just to be able to do spreadsheets in the basement is a bit much....but for an OCD DM like myself, not beyond the possible.



Blogger simon said...

Libre Software to the rescue! If you want a spreadsheet and don't want the burden (cost or control) of a proprietary package, check out OpenOffice. This is an MS-compatible office suite. Calc is the Excel-equivalent package. You can save in Excel format or as PDF. You can read most Excel formats (no VBA). Give it a try.

Another FOSS offering is Gnumeric. I add the link only for informational purposes; OpenOffice should suffice nicely.


10:03 PM  
Blogger simon said...

Dammit, this blogger webbage hijacked my links. Lemme rectify... OpenOffice.


10:06 PM  
Blogger Shandar the Ashen said...

I'm getting an educational discount and will be able to pick up the whole 2007 Office Suite for $100, which will make my life a lot easier trying to do some of my actual work at home (and my RPG work at work).

5:57 AM  

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