Sunday, August 05, 2007

Legend of Drizzt due in September and Desert of Desolation due in November

This is the latest edition of the gargantuan Icon series of dragons. It will be great to have a gargantuan white in the collection, and the alternate pose of Drizzt will be cool too.

D&D Minis: Legend of Drizzt Scenario Pack

Expected Release Date: Sept. 21, 2007

Some legends are born out of darkness. Drizzt Do'Urden was raised in the underground city of Menzoberransan, home of the drow - a race of twisted, evil dark elves. However, Drizzt fled the Underdark for the surface realm, where he befriended the human barbarian Wulfgar. Together they battled the most terrible threat ever to ravage Icewind Dale: the white dragon Icingdeath!

Set Includes:

  • Three figures: Drizzt Do'Urdern (new pose), Wulfgar, & Icingdeath the Gargantuan White Dragon
  • Five stat cards, including epic stat cards for Drizzt Do'urdern & Wulfgar
    1 Fold-out, illustrated battle map
  • Encounter booklet - including a promotional chapter from The Orc King™, the newest Drizzt novel R.A. Salvatore!

I'm still working on getting the extra bones together to buy my three cases of Night Below, but the next set is due for release in November.

D&D Minis: Desert of Desolation - Iconic characters & creatures from the hostile wasteland of the Dungeon & Dragons® World

Expected Release November 2007

Within the desolate wastelands lurk creatures as dreadful as any found in the cavernous dungeons of the world. Can the forces of civilization hold back the denizens of these hostile lands? This release includes several remarkable characters & popular monsters. Various figures are drawn from key D&D titles, including the various Monster Manual® supplements. Select figures also come with a second stat card that features epic-level statistics for high-level versions of those figures.



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