Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Dungeons of Dread Case #3

Well...this is it!

First Pull: Nothing new

Second Pull: Nothing new

Third Pull: Nothing new

Fourth Pull: Spectral Magelord. Another clear plastic mini that you doesn't get painted and is presumed "cool". Meh.

Fifth Pull: Death Knight. Not that impressive a mini, but will work very well for that guy who guards Darkhold.

Sixth Pull: Nothing new

Seventh Pull: Ettin, not crazy about it. It would be fine, if there weren't so many other really nice ettin miniatures out there.

Eighth Pull: Emerald Orb Wizard--this is a very nice miniature, very good paint job.

Ninth Pull: Angel of Valor. Hate the new agels concept. Having fits trying to figure out how to use them in my world.

Tenth Pull: Nothing new

Eleventh Pull: Fen Hydra, nice.

Twelfth Pull: Vampire Vizier--very nice miniature

So, after three cases, the only two I'm missing are:

5 Young Silver Dragon 62 C Good 8 R
40 Griffon 22 B/W -- 7 R

I might try to get the YSD, but don't really care if I get the griffon, it doesn't look great from the gallery images and I've got a bunch of griffons from other sources. Maybe I'll luck into one if I do a tournament play thingy.



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