Sunday, February 17, 2008

Chore Wars

My Chore Wars character

I was reading entries on, and there was a guy on there who was wondering if there were any more people out there like himself, who had spent more than $4K on miniatures.

I'm sure, cumualtively, I've got him beat, but this poor fella was talking about his minis exactly like an addiction...which, of course, it is. You don't hear people refer to it as plastic crack for nothing. I think it is actually closer akin to a gambling addiction, and the random rewards of randomized minis really do fall into that category. It isn't a slot machine, it is a cardboard box, but it is exactly the same principle involved.

Anyway, he'd maxed out his credit cards and was starting to have marital grizzled veterans of the obsessive compulsive collectors on Hordlings had seen it all before.

One thing I hadn't seen before was something called Chore Wars. One of the posters suggested to the guy that he and his wife and the kids, if they haven't sold them to buy more minis, should register for Chore Wars. The idea is you role play characters and earn XP for doing household chores -- Household Adventures.

You can set it up so that you earn both XP and Gold for various things, and if you agree that you can only spend dollars equal to the gold you've gotten for doing chores...everybody wins.

My wife and I set up an account...she may not invest in doing the Chore Wars thing, but even if it is only a way for me to track my household chore contributions, I'm pleased. You can create monsters to encounter and add in extra treasure.

For example, if while I'm cleaning the bedroom closet I encounter the Dust Bunny of Doom, I might defeat it and get two movie tickets. If the wife is making the bed and defeats the Angry Sock Monkey, she might get a foot rub.

It is fun, and I like it, and I recommend it.



Blogger Robb said...

doing the dishes is 50 but making the bed is 5 and feeding the dog is 2...guess you cant summon familiar to do this huh?

10:15 AM  

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