Sunday, May 09, 2010


In my never ending quest to have all the monsters, I was working on the Excel Spreadsheet I've been compiling of every monster reference in my home gaming library so that I can quickly find which book any given monster is described in.

I was going through the Creature Catalogue (TSR) and noticed the Ash Crawler, and thought that the Massiff Star Wars Mini might work as a proxy for it.
The description says the Ash Crawler needs a tail, and this mini looks like it needs one too, so I whipped out the brown stuff and added the tail.

This is not much of a sculpting job, I realize, but that's exactly why you look for proxies that are very close to what you're after so you don't need to do a lot of detailed sculpting. Once I had the tail on and patiently waited for it to harden, I read the descriptions for the creature in the Creature Catalogue, and then looked at the 2E version in the Mystara Monstrous Compendium Annual.
I painted a base coat of Reaper Pro Paint Dove Gray and let that dry. Then I gave it a light wash with watered down Reaper Master Series Woodstain Brown. I painted the eyes red, because that was handy and it looked nice and I had extra after I painted the tongue. When it was all dry, I put black dots on the eyes, painted the hight lights with more of the Dove Gray and then added a few Stormy Gray shadows (Reaper Master Series).

Lastly, I touched up the base with Reaper Master Series Pure Black.
I like a glossy varnish on the minis, rather than dullcote or matte. I think because when we were painting minis back when I was a kid, we all used Testor's Enamal so even though I'm painting in acrylics now, I still don't think they look right without the shiny top coat. Everyone says I'm crazy, which I do not contest, but I have started photographing my minis before I put the sealer on them, just to avoid reflecting the flash and deflecting the negative comments from my pro friends at Reaper.

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