Monday, January 02, 2012

New Year's Resolution

Well, I may not be able to hold myself to it, but some of my New Year's Resolutions involved D&D.

I have resolved to clean and organize the Dungeon, and to have played a session down there before April Fool's Day. (Selection of the date was intentional, though partially because I'm in a play in February and have a conference to go to in March.)

We bought our house four years ago, and this has been a hope for me since a year before we moved. I can't believe it has been five years from the last session. Players probably don't even know where their character sheets are anymore and I may have to start from scratch, possibly with new players.

I will not, however, start over again with Doom of Daggerdale. Starting that module for the fifth time since 1993 and never finishing it ONCE means that even though it is a pretty cool adventure, I just need to move on.

Everytime the players get to that underground area and are faced with the choice of getting through the exploding tangle of vines or down the unobstructed staircase to the raging underground river and right out of the module, they always choose the latter and we never get back on track.

I think what I'll do is convert all those PCs into NPCs and start over with a small group of players and instead of planning for formal modules linked together into an ongoing campaign, we'll just do single shot side treks and maybe those will turn into a campaign organically.

Anyway, that's the plan.

I'll post pictures of the progress.

Also, I am got a great Christmas Present, three full boxes of minis from Reaper to examine and review here and that is going to mean fully reorganizing the minis closet, which will also provide a nice context to get back to my Monstrology Project of creating 2E monstrous compendium sheets for each creature in my beastiary.

I think I may have to move to having no more than 12 representative minis of each monster type on the shelf, though and putting the remaining ones in storage or a different room because the walk-in closet is rapidly running out of shelf space.

I'd also like to get my painting/sculpting/assembling station up and running, too.

All these D&D aspirations seem so possible when I'm spending a couple of weeks at my In-laws up in North Dakota. IRL often gets in the way, but siting here this morning, I'd love to be down in my own basement again.



Blogger Shandar the Ashen said...

Here's a good option for the extra minis beyond 12 for shelf display: Reaper Cases

I have hundreds or orcs and skeletons that don't need to be taking up shelf space.

I think I may also have to do separate shelving area for the different humans, since they take up an entire wall shelf in the walk-in mini closet now.

12:17 PM  

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