Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Conversion from 3E (and now 3.5E) to 2nd Ed.

I know that WOTC ate TSR, and unlike most purists, I think that is a good and natural thing. I hated the way TSR had ejected Gygax and admit that they spread thier customer base too thin by creating too many game worlds and cranking out too many products...I too was overwhelmed by them. Only having too many modules coming out to play them all kept me from realizing how poorly written and game tested they were...and that Forgotten Realms may have been the worst offender.

None of that means that the game system itself was fatally flawed...true, my math skills are not great and I had to calculate THACo with an actual calculator...but all this is beside the point of today's post....I'm not going to switch to 3E and you can't make me, you can't make me. (Try not to picture Gilligan in that episode where he refuses to dress up like a girl to save the castaways)

The point of this post is that when 3E first came out there were conversion tables and programs to help people transition to the new game system and carry their 2E products into the d20 (and 28mm)age.

Are there, or were there ever, any products or conversion materials to take 3E things backward?

Modules I can (and do) rewrite on the fly converting the plot, traps, etc pretty handily...but there are a lot of new monsters and NPCs that I'd rather base my conversions on something a little more solid than my own whims.

If there are reverse guidelines out there someplace, can someone let me know?



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