Thursday, November 08, 2007

WOTC Two-Headed Troll (scratchbuilt)

I call this photo, "Proffit On The March".

For years and years I have been wanting someone, anyone, to make a decent two headed troll. There just aren't any out there. The companies that have tried...Reaper for example, made them look too much like warty ettins and gave them weapons or armor, which didn't look like a troll to me.

WOTC's new set, Desert of Desolation, has a new troll based on the 4th edtion artwork. Pretty much this new artwork and the minis from this set have broken my heart, because this is the first WOTC mini set that I honestly don't give a darn if I collect the entire set or not. I think they suck and may not buy any more DDM minis...not out of protest, but just because I'm not interested anymore in their product line. I know they are toys...but do they have to look like them?

I'll review the set later, if I can muster up that much interest, but probably the best thing about it, in my opinion, is that this new troll really worked as a basis for my own scratch-built two-headed troll. The body was big enough, with broad enough shoulders, and the head sunk low enough on the chest...and its own seperate piece...that I could pop them off and reattach with green stuff very easily.

I'm pretty much thrilled with this mini...though I have a hard time thinking that it justifies the expense of the three cases I bought in order to make it.

Here are some process pics:

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Blogger BB Shockwave said...

Very nice! :)

The varying sizes of Wizard's troll minis are mind-boggling, anyway. I prefer to use the War of the Dragon Queen one as a giant troll, and the large-sized ones as regular trolls, but that leaves me cold with the small trolls. I cannot remember if we had small/medium sized trolls in 2E.

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