Monday, August 25, 2008

Thunderblast Cyclone

This is another mini from Against the Giants that I originally thought I'd have no use for and was pretty lame.

My opinion on lameness has not changed much, but I discovered I do have a use for it. Shuffling through my "monsters with no minis" file of 2E compendium sheets, I found the sheet for the Windghost from FRX1.

There is no picture, so that makes using the Thunderblast Cyclone as a proxy pretty easy. There isn't much in the way of description of the Windghost either, but what is there matches up reasonably well.

They are flying cones (Flying parsnips, they were called by one adventurer)with a rough, mottled flexible, smoky-gray to purple body with white, pupil-less eyes and a many fanged mouth.

It also describes two retractile tentacle arms on either side of the mouth.

Except for the tentacles, which one can say are retracted in the mini, thus surprising any PCs who encounter it, I'd say we have a pretty good match here.

Perhaps, even intentional? It would warm my heart if the sculptors/designers over at WOTC were sneaking in obscure 2nd Edition monsters under new names and 4E stats. If I thought that in 4E I were likely to get old monsters with new names I'd be thrilled to death.

Fingers crossed.


Blogger BB Shockwave said...

You can use it for a huge air elemental - they can take this form when they attack, after all.

I found a lot of proxys for elementals/paraelementals among later minis - I use the Dangerous Delves Clay Golem for a mud paraelemental, the Magma Hurler for a lava paraelemental, and the Shardstorm Vortex for a dust paraelemental. And, we already have the Ice Elemental. I only wish WOTC would make a Water Weird too.

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