Friday, August 17, 2007


In my first dungeon, we were using not the original basic D&D rules or even 1st edition stats, but our own expanded version of the the Paint n Play sets put out by Heritage in their Dungeon Dwellers series...with only three stats: Speed, Fighting Ability, and Endurance. Everything was on a d6, not a d20. Each player had a party of 5 characters and we were all running our parties through the dungeon at the same time trying to compete with each other to find the good stuff before the other parties did.

Those were wonderful days because we were literally inventing the game as we played it. Everything was figure based, and we had built these free standing dungeon levels out of foam core board and balsam wood painted to look like stone and marked off in squares that were 10'x 10' (2").

The absolute worst monster on the 1st level lived in this cell that was 30' x 30' and I remember there was sand and bits of straw glued in there for it to sleep on and a big offal pile you could search through, but you had to keep cauterizing your hand with a torch because it was rot grub infested.

At any rate, the monster that lived in there was something we called the Gorgor. Or maybe it was Gorgar. It was huge, ugly, mean, and deadly. It was like a rhino centaur. If you got the cell door open, or if he got mad enough and broke it down, he charged you and trampled you and ripped out your guts.

When becoming grown ups finally split my high school gaming group apart, my friend Matt Clark (now at Reaper) and I split up the miniatures we'd kept at my house because that was where the dungeon was. He got the Gorgor. Then when I started to play again in the mid 90's, he gave me back a bunch of them and the Gorgor was one of them. We couldn't remember the real name of the figure or the company that made it.

I recently picked up another pile of old Dragon magazines and in issue #55, November 1981, that very miniature was reviewed on page 70.

For future reference, the miniature was/is a Gorillasaurus, and was manufactured by Archive Miniatures.

And so, ladies and gentlemen, I give you on his collosal come back tour, direct from 1981, GORILLASAURUS!!!!!



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