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Mountain Troll Conversion

Troll: Mountain
DIET: Carnivore
ALIGNMENT: Chaotic Evil
NO. APPEARING: 1-2 (1)
THAC0: 6
NO. OF ATTACKS: 2 or 3
DAMAGE/ATTACK: 3d8+28/2d6+6 or
SPECIAL ATTACKS: Knockdown, reach
MORALE: Elite (14)
XP VALUE: 8,000

Mountain trolls are the largest members of the troll family, towering over 17 feet tall and weighing more than 2 tons. They are great, hulking creatures with gray skin and the rough features of a troll, but with the power and stature of a giant. Indeed, it is rumored that they are a magical combination of those two creatures. Mountain trolls are also very good at blending in with their rocky surroundings, and are able to fool all but dwarves and gnomes when attempting to do so at a rate of 85% of the time. Gnomes and dwarves are only fooled 40% of the time.

Combat: Mountain trolls have no concept of fear or caution. When they see something they want, which typically is something that they want to eat), they take it. If anything or anyone gets in their way, the smash it. It has no tactical sense, either, and will charge in first rather than send in minions to soften up a target. The minions typically wade in along with the troll, and stick close by it in battle, taking advantage of the very great protection this creature provides them and dining on the fresh kills while the troll is still distracted with combat.

A mountain troll will normally attack using a massive uprooted tree as a club. This weapon deals tremendous damage, and any hit with the club has a 25% chance of knocking the opponent to the ground, which requires an entire round to regain their feet. In addition, the swing of the club will continue in its arc unless it meets with an opponent that resists being knocked down. Each target in succession receives half the damage accorded to the target(s) which the club struck first. The arc of the club’s swing is 20’ from the center point of the creature’s position, and 25’ wide in front of the troll.

For example, say four fighters are standing in front of the troll within the arc of its swing. A is 15’ from it, B is 20’ from it, C is 15’ from it, and D is 10’ from it. The troll swings its great club at the line, hitting the first fighter for 48 points of damage, killing her. The club continues to swing and hits the second one for half that damage (24 points of damage) knocking her unconscious, so the club continues its swing and hits C for half damage again, which is 12. She survives the blow, but has to roll to see if she is knocked down. She rolls a 13, so she is knocked down and the swing continues to the next fighter and hits for half again, 6 points of damage. She rolls to see if she is knocked down and rolls over 25, managing to keep her feet, so the arc of the swing goes no further.

The mountain troll will swing with its club and follow up with a bite attack each round. If it is without a club for any reason, it will use a claw, bite, claw attack each round.

One important distinction between mountain trolls and their more traditional cousins is that they lack the ability to regenerate. They do, however, heal at an extraordinary pace. While a mountain troll won’t re-grow a severed limb and a severed limb won’t re-grow a new mountain troll, these massive creatures regain 1d6 hp each round. Acid and fire attacks do normal damage and convey no particular extra effect on the creatures.

Habitat/Society: Mountain trolls dwell near mountain peaks and stir from their lairs only to gather food. This happens frequently, as they have the voracious appetite common to all trolls. They are rarely encountered alone, but equally rarely encountered with others of their own kind. Instead of forming societies, these brutish bullies tend to gather around themselves a small cadre of giants, ogres, and smaller types of trolls. Although giants and ogres make reluctant minions at best, the slow thinking mountain troll simply eats any creature that fails to follow their simplistic commands.

Most mountain trolls speak Giant.

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