Saturday, December 31, 2005

An order for Reaper Minis

I just placed an order for a bunch of stuff from Reaper. I've been going down to the local hobby store here in Minot, Force of Habit, and if they'd had any of these figs I'd have bought them there....but luckily I've discovered the Reaper on line catalog (see permalink in sidebar).

Here is the list of the current order:

  • Lady of Darkness #2184
  • Krung Beast #2405 (Which I will be using as a Stench Kow)
  • Townsfolk: Clergymen #3536 (which has a figure I will attempt to convert into a cleric of Gond for my campaign. Hopefully all I need to do is add a big yellow hat--and no naughty monkey)
  • Ice Queen #2163
  • Princess of Hell #3247
  • Queen of the Dark Elves on Throne #591
  • Alvhaera, Dark Elf Cleric #538
  • Arethusa, Nereid #2520
  • Bird Man #2603 (which I will be using for an aarakocra. I don't know why the Monstrous Compendium illustration shows it with bat wings, the description clearly discusses plumage and feathers.)
  • Lonnia, Female Duelist #3479
  • Female Necromancer #3547
  • Anastacia #80
  • Creepy Familiars (6) #3544 (I plan to use the doll golem for a Carionette, from Ravenloft)
  • Crystal Golem #3353 (I'm planning to use this as a Glass Golem as described in the Ravenloft Compendium Appendix)
  • Townsfolk II (Beggar, Strumpet, Blacksmith) #598 (I bought this mainly for the human blacksmith so that I can have an avatar of Gond. Most blacksmith figures tend to be dwarves and I was excited to find a human one.)
  • Dark Creeper #2467 (The WOTC version of the Dark Creeper has hooves, like a fawn. How does something with hooves "creep" down a dungeon hallway or a cavern passage? I much prefer this mini which is nearly identical in design to the original TSR artwork from MM, MMII or Fiend Folio....wish I had my books here in Minot. I'll correct these references when I get home.)
  • Duskraven, Undead Hunter #687
  • Adara: Succubus #2244 (I might use this for Glasya. I'll have to take a look at it and the other Succubus I bought. Either will need some modifications, but I will choose the one that needs the least work.)
  • Acid Beetles (2) #2218
  • Amiryth Elmlighter, Female Elf Archer #725 (I have a player running an elf ranger named Elessaria and she's currently using a figure I painted quite some time ago. I'm going to offer this figure to her and ask her if she'd like to paint it herself and use it instead. She might not, though, as this one has quite a bit less...armor...and I'm not sure how she feels about running an elf that is a little on the cheese cake side. Still, you never know.)
  • Melisande Wavecutter: Female Pirate #2245 (It is the lingering geek boy in this middle aged man that can't resist the female figures. They do call it "fantasy" gaming, after all.)
  • Talisman of Scrying Life Counter #3600
  • Crypt of the Vampiress #3551
  • Blade Dancer #3468
  • Gunther, Fire Giant #661 (I'm eventually going to run my PCs through the Against the Giants and Demonweb Pits modules, so I'm stocking up on giants and drow well in advance.)
  • Frorigh, Frost Giant #613
  • Frulla, Female Giant #636
  • Jahenna, Vampire Seductress #646
  • Egyptian Cat Statue #3613 (x2) (I have a PC based on Catwoman and intend to exploit her obsessive compulsive attraction to cat things. Two solid gold cat statues ought to tempt her to into any manner of foolish behavior.)
  • Lola Darkslip #1169
  • Starter Level Sculpting Armatures #1269
  • Green Stuff 6 Strip #2462 (I may suck at sculpting, but I've got to try.)



Blogger Shandar the Ashen said...

First of all--I really loved the Ralph Bakshi Lord of the Rings movie.

I would probably hate it today if I saw it again, but I loved it when it came out. I also loved the girl I took to see it in the theatre, and she promised she'd go with me to see part two, no matter how long it took to make.

I blame this promise for the second half of the movie never being made.

At any rate, more than the movie (and probably less than the girl) I loved the miniatures line they made from it. I have many of them, but would like to get more.

I asked at the local hobby store in Minot, Force of Habit, and they thought the line was made by RAFM, but it turns out it was made by Heritage Miniatures, I discovered through a little online research:

Heritage + miniatures is a terrible keyword search on ebay, and most of the Lord of the Rings minis are from the current product line based on the new movies. They are also excellent, but super expenisive...and since they are new, have no nostalgia for me.

If you have any of these old minis, let me know, I'd be interested in picking them up from you.

10:32 AM  
Blogger stago_for_hire said...

It was YOU! My sibs and I despaired for years over the end of Bakshi's 1st and only installation. Boromir got plugged by orc arrows the size of broom handles. The little catchy theme song. Hell, yeah, that was righteous compared to the Rankin and Bass, even though "Where There's A Whip, There's A Way" speaks a load of truth, in terms of motivation. If only that girl didn't make that promise. Oh, well... maybe it's for the best, what with Peter Jackson. Hugo Weaving and Christopher Lee, yeah!

10:36 PM  

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