Sunday, September 24, 2006's Cold Fusion

I remember walking into a gaming store in Chapel Hill a few years back, and a bunch of gamers were huddled around a game table preparing for a session. Their preparation included, along with the requisite dice and character sheets, brewing up a giant pot of extremely strong coffee. They were very excited about making the coffee with H2 Joe, the bottled caffeinated water.

In the knowledge that gamers may drink a lot of coffee--I know that I do--I offer this tidbit.

My friend Brad Schnurr has raved about his cold filter coffee machine for nearly two decades. He was visiting this weekend and I remembered to ask him the name of it so that I could get one for my brother.

Basically, it is a cold water drip method of making coffee concentrate which retains all of the caffeine but none of the acid. This makes it possible for people with stomach problems to continue to enjoy the lovely benefits of coffee in the morning.

You put a pound of coffee in the machine and cold water, leaving it to drip through overnight. In the morning you measure out the coffee concentrate you want for strength into your cup and then fill up the cup with hot water. Bang, good brew, no stomach pain or guilt.

Check it out, and tell them Shandar sent you. It's not magic, but you don't have to tell them how you made the potion.


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