Saturday, September 23, 2006

Morgan Kieth Studios linked to me!

I just noticed Morgan Kieth Studios put link to my site on theirs, and I'm honored. I've had a link to their site for a while--their minis are really amazing but I mostly like their tips on sculpting. They are doing an update of their website and they have not migrated the tips on sculpting to the new web layout yet, so you'll have to take my word on that until the update happens. Keep checking there, though.

I noticed today in their recent releases they too have a new Lolth-like offering, I think it is called Hesperus, goddess of the underworld. It is far superior to the WOTC Aspect of Lolth miniature (which I still have to get to complete that set...dang it) but I have the same complaint about it as I do for all the recent Lolthesque sculpts being made...including Reaper and a few others. It isn't an image of Lolth. Or, more accurately, it isn't an image of any of her three forms.

Because I know that blog posts are supposed to be short, I'm going to go into greater detail about this Lolth/Drider thing in another post. I want to keep this primarily on the topic of thanking Morgan Kieth Studios for the reciprocal linkage.

Thanks! And keep up the great work!


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