Monday, September 04, 2006

New Stuff

Well, it has been a long time since the last post. Since then, we've played two sessions and the Company of the Severed Head has had many changes. After a giant glowing green orb that shoots lightning turned half the party into figurines of wondrous power and put the thief into a snow globe with her cats and most of the treasure, some changes were necessary.

We lost two players who had too many time conflicts to play even once a month, so the figurine of wondrous power gimmick will allow them to be carried with the others and dropped in at any time if the players are actually there. The snow globe thief probably won't be playing anymore, but I like the idea that she is carried around. I just hope the gnome doesn't sell her or trade her for some magic item.

The remaining three players were allowed to roll up a new character each, and we've joined the two parties into one that will operate at least temporarily. It isn't easy in 2nd edition to run more than one character, but I think this is better than having me run a bunch of NPCs to fill out their ranks. It also provides a nice seperation and buffer when there is a real chance of a character dying--you have a fall back character you also care about. Nearly lost one of the new characters the first day due to an attack of a dire rat in the wine cellar. The theory was born out. Having the risk of losing one of two characters is much more fun for the players than the risk of losing one of one and starting over from scratch.

On the minis front, I have a complete Dragon Queen set now, and was impressed by how few extras I have after the sorting. This set more than most had a nice balance of the number of creatures appearing to the frequency with which the mini appears in your booster...with the possible exception of too many War Apes and too few Stirges.

I also have my Gargantuan Black Dragon and the Colossal Red Dragon will arrive on the 6th by Fed Ex. I've picked up my Clay Golem now, and an Iron Golem, and am waiting on the Mounted Paladin I won on eBay. Getting closer all the time to having all of them from WOTC...but I have to admit I'm really eager to start getting my Blood War minis.

And....I really want to get the new Horror Clix figures. The Brine Witch is going to be my Bliddenpoolp or whatever her name is until WOTC makes a mini of her. Once we get through Doom of Daggerdale I really want to get going on the other modules I have lined up before we start the Giants and Demonweb series. Of course, at our rate of play, I'll be 96 when that happens, but at least I stand a good chance of having all the figs I'll need to run it by then.


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