Monday, June 12, 2006

Crocodile Games

I didn't mention Crocodile Games in my last post, that was an oversight. I also picked up a few of their minis while home, this time at a store called The Dragon's Sanctum (3215 Avenue of the Cities Moline, IL 61265 This is the store where the guy dressed me down for saying I was buying PDFs of 2nd edition game materials instead of buying stuff from a brick and mortor store. I understand that brick and mortar stores are hurting because people are buying PDFs of game materials, but PDFs from places like RPG Now are the only way to get 2nd edition stuff because brick and mortar stores don't carry them any more (or when they do they are priced as "collector items"), and if you tell them you play 2nd edition they try to convert you to 3.5.

Honestly, I'd much rather be able to have a huge selection to choose from, be able to easily adapt the materials by text editing the PDF on my computer instead of scanning or re-typing or hand writing my notes on a "collectible" or having to defend my game system from a guy who sees dollar signs by convincing me I need to chuck 25 years of gaming history for thousands of dollars worth of a new system.

When the guy told me 3.5 offers so much more than 2nd edition, I replied with, "Like what, the chance to play with 15 year olds?" He kind of grimmaced, nodded, and said, "Well, yeah, there is that." I told him that I hated how 3.5 has such shallow descriptions of things because it is primarily designed for quick table top battles, and that I really loved the old Monstrous Compendiums and ecology sheet because of their detailed descriptions of habitat/society, diet, customs, etc. All you get with 3.5 is a thumbnail description and stats for battle. He said, "Well, they're changing that, they are getting more of the kind of detail that they used to have, you should check out the latest Monster Manuals." I said, "You aren't going to sell me on 3.5 by telling me it is becoming more like 2nd Edition."

He stopped, then, and I bought a couple of miniatures to show I really do support brick and mortar...even if they don't really support me most of the time. It really was a nice store, and the guy was very friendly and helpful, other than being upset about the very idea that I'd buy anything from an online store. I'd give you the Dragon's Sanctum website, but not suprisingly...they don't have one. If you are ever in Moline, Illinois, though, by all means get your butt and your wallet in there and help keep him open by buying lots of stuff. Support brick and mortar.

Get in the door, talk to a human, tell the human to stock Reaper miniatures, Crocodile Minis, Dark Sword Minis, and even Magnificent Egos. Tell them not to bother with Games Workshop. Their day has passed.

The figs I bought Dragon's Sanctum were some Reaper minis, and a Nekharu Coven Witches Booster. These are ugly but cool monsters. The booster only comes with 009 a and b, but I saw c on their website and it is really cool. Must have. I am pretty impressed with their entire minis line. I don't know what I'd ever use an Ark of the Covenant for, but it is nice to know it's out there in the world. I do have a rabbi miniature, though....hmmmmm.

Anyway--check out the website. I doubt I will ever learn to play their Wargods of Aegyptus game, but the figs are going to have prominent place as I build my Egypt style section of my world.

I'm going to get a few Anubi, but I might have to get all of the Basti figs. They are awesome. Likewise, I'll be getting a lot of the Icons and Artifacts, especially the gongs, books, and spectral hand. Be sure to check out their pre-painted terrain pieces. The $74 replica of the Sphinx is pretty cool.



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