Sunday, February 04, 2007

Devils: Gelugon

I admit that ever since I started playing D&D I've had a real fascination with Devils and Demons. That didn't make me want to kill myself or kill anybody else, and the only reason anyone I knew was "bothered about Dungeons & Dragons" was because I would talk their ear off about it.

As I go through the Monstrous Manual I'm making, I linger long on the Baatezu (which prior to 2E were devils).

Please enjoy my minis of the Gelugon, or Ice Devil.

Vreesar is a named Ice Devil from the Villain's Lorebook supplement. I've made this figure a named personality because it is the OOP Ral Partha Ice Devil and I'm very unlikely to ever get another one. I like the paint job on it. I painted it with the Snow Shadow Master Series paint by Reaper, because it very nearly matched the shade of light blue used on the WOTC Ice Devils. I tried using the Reaper blue ink to do the shading, but it bled and I ended up using it as a wash instead. It came out this amazing electric ice blue. So, I went with it on all my ice devils.These are the version of the Gelugon done by Reaper Mini. The product name is Mantis Demon and it is sculpted by Bob Olley. It is a little smaller than either the WOTC or the Ral Partha versions, but adds a lovely variety to the species and they are easy to get hold of so you can build up a pretty massive army of them pouring out of Stygia. I painted them the same way as Vreesar. The eyes are a shade of bright green from Reaper, I forget which, and then washed in the green ink.And here they are all together for reference. I've got 3 of the WOTC minis, but I'm not sure I'm going to experiemnt with adding the ink wash to them.

What I really wish I had were 20 or 30 pit fiends, but with them going for $25 a pop or better on eBay, I've got to find another source for the pit fiend personalities and armies I'd like to build. You can't find the Ral Partha pit fiend anywhere anymore, it is too highly sought after and worth over $90 per mini now.

The only Reaper pitfiend is the perosonality one I am using for Bel, and if Bel is a pit fiend of tremendous size, I can't really buy more of them for that purpose. Maybe I can talk Reaper into a smaller set of pit fiend minons for their big guy.

Are you listening, Matt?

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