Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Unhallowed hasn't hit the shelves yet, but....

I'm already salivating over the release this summer of Night Below. Clearly, I have a problem.

I read in one preview that Unhallowed and Night Below would both focus primarily on Ravenloft. I think that must be a mistake, because way too many people will immediately associate Night Below with the classic 2E boxed campaign set to think that Night Below means horror instead of Underdark critters.

I really want more Underdark nasties, not castle and dungeon creepers. I like my monsters on the wild side, and not just domesticated storm troopers of a mad wizard.

Maybe we'll finally get that Rust Monster or an official aboleth.

I keep waiting for them to tie booster sets with the release of a module, and may be Night Below is a move in that direction. I know they did something a little bit like that with the Red Hand module, but something like tying a whole set of miniatures to the monsters in a module or series of modules would be a way to make everyone happy. I'd gladly convert a 3E module to 2E if I knew that nearly all of the monsters in that module were available as miniatures.

My two cents.

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