Sunday, April 08, 2007

Stargate Revisited

Well, I've been building my three basic off-world uniforms. I've got the WEP jackets in green, black, and 3-color desert with 6 pocket bdu pants to match. a tight fitting black t-shirt and one in desert tan, web belts for all three, the Magnum Stealth II boots. I've ordered die cut circular velcro for the patches, and am going to order the patches after the next pay check...must be done in stages...

I realize this is all off topic, but maybe once I get my uniforms in a little better shape I'll start a stargate costume blog. I'm not as obsessive about canon screen accuracy as the folks at Stargate 6 and need a place where I can talk about my uniforms without being criticized for not being quite the right shade of olive drab or using the wrong vest.

These are the item that are on the top of my "still need to get ASAP" list:

9053 GI style Style Black Medium Pistol Belt $9

Blackhawk Omega Medic Vest, Black: Product ID: BH30VT08 $96.00

2-Pocket Long Sleeve Super BDU Shirts $29.99
In Midnight Navy Blue and Olive Drab

LawPro Super BDU 6-Pkt Trousers, Mid Navy $29.99

Custom Embroidered Nametape (for OD Green Tape) $2 x 4 for min order

Battle Dress Utility (BDU) Trousers by Tru-Spec $24.99

9" Tactical Boots • Desert Tan size 10.5 $39.95

Web-tex Tactical Vest Sand £56.95

9053 GI style Style Tan Medium Pistol Belt (At the Supply Depot in Salem)

Rubber Bayonet $10.00

Airsoft P-90 and P-90 sling rig

Tactical Hardshell Left-Handed Pistol Holster

Jacket and Uniform Patches should be set 1/2 inch down the sleeve from the shoulder
seam. Airforce patch goes 1/2 inch below the SG Unit Patch.

Next post, back to AD&D 2E, I promise! I'm getting ready to catalog a bunch of new minis I got from Reaper, to photograph the minis I have from Unhallowed, and to get back to serious monstrology.



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