Thursday, March 15, 2007

Unhallowed is pretty Uninspired

Well, I was about as disappointed as I expected to be with the minis in this new release, but not just for the reasons I'd anticipated.

Distribution seemed better than previous sets, before I'd finished opening my first case I had a nearly complete set, but by the time I had opened the last box in the third set these were the only minis I was missing:

37 Displacer Beast Manhunter 47 LE 9
46 Tsucora Quori 67 LE 10
47 Ultroloth 62 LE 12

I think part of my disappointment was the number of resculpts. I'd rather have one of the monsters off my wish list than another variant werewolf, shambling mound or dire wolf. Rounding out the dragons was helpful, and good to have some mephits, but there really were not very many minis in this set that I'd consider must haves if I weren't commmitted to collecting.

Highlights include the Ice Elemental, the cleric of Sune, the bat familiars, and the female tiefling. I think the one miniature I was excited about getting was the Ultroloth, but of course, that's one of the three I didn't get.

If there were one miniature in this set that really represents the entire Unhallowed release, it is the Large Astral Construct. Pointless and unexciting.

I think, other than the choice of monsters to represent, the thing that is worst about the set is that more than any other there doesn't seem to have been a consistent scale. Is the Vampire Hunter a half-giant? The same is true of a lot of the humanoid characters, they are just way too big to be in the same scale as previous releases. Only the Cleric of Sune, the flying carpet guy, and the Strahd Zombie seem to be around the right size compared to previous releases that claimed to be 28mm.

Take the Werewolf Lord for is gigantic. Literally, it is more massive in size than the Stone Giant Runecarver. It might be interesting to have a lycantrhopic giant, but normal lycanthropy doesn't increase your body mass by a factor of ten or more. The fire mephits are too big.

I thought Van Richten was a mousey little fellow, not an armor clad half-giant cleric more suited to physical combat than scholarly monstrology. Don't even get me started on how poorly done the Strahd is.

Let's hope that Night Below returns us to the high standards set by previous releases. I'm not likely to continue feeling good about dropping a couple hundred bucks to get a complete set of disappointing plastics to complete a collection...especially after finding out that WOTC has already done a reprint of Underdark and therefore the collectibility of the sets is questionable anyway.



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