Monday, March 12, 2007

Stargate? Indeed.

Well, Second Edition AD&D isn't my only geek fetish.

I must confess to those who might be like minded that I am also a Stargate SG-1 fan.

My wife thinks this is because I was too weak to do anything but stare at the Sci-Fi Channel SG-1 Marathon last year when I had pneumonia...I think it is because Richard Dean Anderson's protrayal of a gray haired hero is the finest since George Peppard's Banacek, and that is only because I think Banacek was better than Peppard in the role of Hannibal on The A-Team.

At any rate, I've now watched all 9 seasons available on DVD...not quite in one sitting, but close. I am ready for the next stage.

Re-enacting. Or, pretending, as my wife calls it.

Being blessed with more gray hair than I want, I'm drawn to TV characters that can still make me feel vicariously virile, suave, and top of the bill leading manly.

Whatever the reason, my obsessive compulsive nature and love of pretending has led me to also aquire my very own SG-1 uniforms. That's right, plural, because someone like me needs to have the Olive Drab, the 3-color Desert, and the Black off-world jackets. And the pants. And the patches. And the hats. And the utility vest. And the holsters. And the fake guns. And the goggles. And the boots in both black and desert tan. And the smug grin that only an adult who can finally afford the toys he wanted as a kid can sport. Exactly the same grin that Banacek made famous.

You can get them too, with a modicum of eBay searching, and the links above. The company doing the tricked out jackets linked above isn't selling them yet, and if (like me) you can't wait, you can get excellent raw vesions of the G8 WEP flight jackets here and then attach the patches yourself. Be sure to order ONLY the Mountain Cloth version. If they don't have them in stock, they will make them to order in about three weeks. Then get some patches and velcro and you're good to go off world! They don't do the 3-color desert, but for under $300 you can get both the black and olive drab. I did. And for under $100 I got a 3-color desert mock up from a polish guy on eBay. I'll let you know how that works out for me.

More info here

Even more info here.

Ok, so that's a little peek into my non-dice rolling obsessions.



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