Sunday, July 15, 2007

Holy Collectible Mini, Batman!!!

I was doing my normal mini searches on eBay, looking for hard to find and OOP Ral Partha figures from my youth...and noticed this one: Ral Partha AD&D RAISTLIN 11-069.

Holy crap! An opening bid of $124.99???

I realize this one is mint in box, but can anyone tell me why on Earth this particular mini is worth that much money?

This seller has a bunch of minis from the OOP Official AD&D line, most of which I have, but they are all starting bids of between $25 and $99. I know they are really hard to find, but with starting bids that high, if nobody bids, you're out a pretty hefty unsold item fee.

Oh well. I actually have this one. I must have had it for years and years, because I don't remember it ever being in a box and I actually thought it was one of the Reaper minis that my friend Matt had sent me.

I painted it up and let one of my players use it for her wizard character, Duncan. I'm sure she'll be pleased to know that someone thinks her mini is worth a fortune.



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