Sunday, July 01, 2007

Matt Clark painted minis at

I just checked the news over at, and my old high school buddy Matt Clark has painted the newest additions to Reaper's line of large figures. The closest thing to a 3rd Edition Aboleth you're going to see for a long time is the Goroloth by Michael Brower. I watched Michael do the sculpt for this mini during Reapercon. It is truly amazing and I remember Matt saying about 100 times how much he wanted to paint it. I'm glad they let him. I'd post the images here, but they are in "Reapervision", the 360 degree viewing format.

Michael is a great guy, and I really enjoyed getting to know him during the con. I can't wait to get this mini for myself. I think my scratch built aboleth will be my normal one, and this will serve as the savant version in my world. A deeper and more dangerous type of aboleth.

Other minis on display there right now are Matt's paint jobs on Rauthoros, Diabolus the devil dragon, and Abyst. There are several more pages, but these are the most recent.

Check it out:



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