Sunday, July 15, 2007

Night Below

This summer has been extraordinarily busy for me, and I haven't been able to play as much as I'd like, nor have I had the ability to pre-order my normal 3 cases of the new figs. Maybe next month....

But, today, unable to keep my plastic jones in control, I went out and paid full retail for 6 booster packs. A more complete review to follow, but for the most part I was much more pleased than I was with Unhallowed. The paint jobs were very good on all the minis, and other than the defender of Mithril Hall, everything seems to be in a more accurate scale...if anything, they overcompensated and went nearer to 25mm than 28. The gnoll claw fighter looks tiny compared to the gnolls of that last few sets, but I am NOT complaining about things being too small. These are very nicely scaled in the sets I've opened so far. That dwarf from Mithril Hall was not painted well at all, his beard being mostly flesh colored and of massive enough size that I'm going to do a little repainting and use him for an avatar of one of the dwarven gods. Problem solved.

The Darkmantle is excellent, much nicer looking than the images on the website made it look, and I was pleased as punch to get both a Babau and Large Gold Dragon in the first 6 booster packs bought.

I have no idea what I'm going to do with 36 kobold trap makers though...which at the rate of one per box which seems to be the average, I will have by the time I have my three cases. It seems so dumb to have a mini doing such a specific action be a common instead of a unique...remember the army of cloned tavern brawlers you had?

Anyway, this set looks pretty good, and so I'm happy with WOTC again.



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