Thursday, August 30, 2007


Well, I got prepped and we had our session last week, and it all seemed to go very well. I've been doing more work on my 2nd edition citation project on an excel spreadsheet, and am looking forward to having Office 2007 on both my office and home computer so that I can update everything that I have in Publisher 2000 to 2007, which finally has a save to pdf feature. Yay.

I did another inventory and update of the Monstrous Manual/Fig collection, and decided it was finally time to do a scratchbuilt Gambado.

I've always found the monster interesting, and it does appear in a module I'd like to use, but nobody has ever thought it was worth making a miniature of.

I took a mageknight figure I had of a minotaur with no flesh on its head...I don't know what the name is, but somebody out there will probably know what it is.

Here is the image: Then I took a little green stuff and after cutting the MK mini off at the waist, I did my sculpt using all of my meager skills.

Here is the unpainted image:
This is the image after finishing it up and painting it:
It isn't perfect, and I know the gambado doesn't carry weapons or have "hands" but I guess they do in my world, because this is as close as I am ever likely to get to having a gambado...unless they are suddenly very popular among R&D in creating the new line for DDM 2.0

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