Thursday, October 04, 2007

Reaper Miniature 02658: Stone Lurker

This is a great sculpt by Bob Olley. They are Reaper's version of a Roper.

I had ordered 3 of these, because I'd snipped the tentacles off one of my previous ones and used them to scratchbuild the Aboleth model I made.

I really like this mini, though I don't use it for a roper proxy, I think they are about the best approximation of a Yochlol you can get. I have a pretty drow heavy campaign world (though my players haven't crawled deep enough to find that out for themselves, yet) and I wanted to be sure that I had plenty of handmaidens of Lolth on hand should the need arise. I think my total is 4 right now, and that should do me fine.

I don't know if Reaper has changed their metal recently, but the arms on these were very easy to bend and didn't have that crackling noise that Ralidium era peweter slag did. I have four very differently posed versions of this mini as a result.

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