Tuesday, October 23, 2007

NPC: Christo Lackey

Christo Lackey is another core member of the Hopeful Seven, and lives in Bug Tussle. He is a sturdy fighter and excellent horseman. Now retired from adventuring, he runs My Father's Blade, a pawn shop for weapons. is a cruel joke. Many who come to get money in time of need do indeed pawn their father's swords and armor. This is the best shop of its kind in the area, and things pawned are often sold long before the money is raised to retrieve it. Many a fine family heirloom has changed hands here. Of course, it is a convenient place to unload all those extra weapons picked up after a fight or scouting mission to the catacombs. Christo will pay 25% of the value of any weapon, and then sells them for three times cost. As a result you can find real bargains here. He admanantly reprimands people who call his wares "used." He prefers to call them “proven” weapons.

Christo is also adamant about not being a fence for stolen goods, and will accept no weapon without a signed piece of paper assuring him that you are the sole and rightful owner, all these papers are then kept on file. A used version of most any weapon in the Arms and Equipment Guide can be bought here (75% chance in stock and 10% chance of a defect. If one is present, roll on the weapons defects table and then haggle for a price).

In addition to the normal fare, Christo has a fine collection of more valuable weapons and is quite proud of them--many worth thousands of gold pieces. Theft is infrequent as it is also widely known that some of the magical shields hanging from the walls are actually imprisoned monsters that can be released to fight as an ally of the shield owner. Also one of the items in the shop, no one knows exactly which one, is an ever vigilant sentinel.

This is another of the very first miniatures I ever owned, and it came in the same Heritage Paint 'n Play set.

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