Tuesday, October 23, 2007

NPC: Galen

Galen, in his day, was one of the greatest fighters in the Realms. He often had terrible tangles with his brother Morgan (LG hm Paladin 18), but it has been quite some time since the two have locked horns. Morgan is not a frequent visitor to Bug Tussle.

Galen was the leader of the Hopeful Seven, and a dual classed fighter/bard. He is currently retired and living in Bug Tussel, the town he helped found after he and his companions destroyed a giant insect infestation. He owns and operates a tavern called The Fighter’s Own.

Despite the tavern’s name, it is a haven for all travelers, not just warriors, although fighters are certainly are the target demographic. This is a favorite haunt of sword swingers of all levels who come to drink and to boast of their exploits or to meet with other adventurerers to plot new ones.

This miniature is the one that represented me when we played in high school. I know the paint job is horrible and the colors look like Mike Grell tried to sculpt Santa Claus, but back in those days when all you had was Testor's model paint, there weren't nearly so many colors to choose from.The mini had a lute on his back, which I scraped out the sides and painted like my own Hoefner Beatle Bass--left handed, of course. I really liked the mini for use as my game alter ego, because it was left handed, had a guitar of sorts, and did look like Mike Grell's Warlord. I was a very big Travis Morgan fan in those days. Still am, actually. I could repaint him to improve the look a little, but I think I'll keep him exactly as is...because the paint is also part of my personal gaming history.

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