Sunday, September 20, 2009

Another Reason WotC Sucks

I've been unable to play in my world for over a year, IRL stuff has pushed hobby time far to the side. This morning I thought I would sit down and return to a few projects that bring me a lot of joy, including updating my monster manual by adding in source citations to the pages in Publisher.

Back when I started buying all the Monstrous Compendiums I didn't keep them in their original configuration, but alphabetized all the different compendiums in three big binders. Lots of them don't have the product number on the individual pages, including Aarakocra (you can guess how far I got before I was frustrated and angry enough to post a blog).

I used to rely quite heavily on RPGNow to purchase archival PDFs of discontinued TSR products. Even though they were very inexpensive, there were so many that I have not downloaded a complete set of everything.

Today I went there to buy the old compendiums for reference purposes as I do my citation project and discovered that there were no TSR or wotC products available at all. It was a vastly impoverished site without this core product line and so I did some digging.

Wotc does it again, in what looks like an attempt to be the only distributors of their material and to force people to only play the current edition of their game...they have forced anyone who was selling PDFs of archival game materials to cease and desist.

Read the thread at EnWorld here.

This is the electronic version of when WotC ordered Ral Partha not only to stop selling the liscenced TSR AD&D miniatures line, but to melt down all existing stock and destroy the molds.

Finding AD&D 2E materials just got infinitely harder and made piracy a lot more likely to occur. This is incredibly stupid on WotC and Hasbro's part. It hurts their image, increases resentment, and does nothing to increase 4E sales.

I don't play anything but 2E, but have been buying 4E stuff (while grumbling) so that I can convert to 2E, but why should I bother doing that when they are such pricks and especially now that they jumped Forgotten Realms stuff 100 years in the future and are making the game world so different that conversion is pretty much moot.

I hate those guys and their D&D insider we want all the marbles our way or the highway mentality.

It is a GAME people, you should find ways to help people want to play it, not make them have to play it.

After literaly hours of online keyword searches, I did find a good site which lists the contents of the individual TSR products, which is all I needed since I have the actual paper product sheets.

This will allow me to check which product had the monster I am trying to cite.

Man, stuff like this really makes me tip my hat to my wife, who is a librarian with an MLS and an information specialist.


Blogger 2eDM said...

If you need help with any specific monster, I have most of the compendiums in their original orders, so just drop me a line.

2:59 PM  
Blogger Shandar the Ashen said...

Sweet, I will do that!

And hate is probably too harsh a word, but it is really frustrating to have to have so much of your hobby dictated by suits who don't play the game. It isn't really even WotC, I suppose, as it is Hasbro.

5:40 PM  
Blogger BB Shockwave said...

Tell me about it, it's hard enough getting this stuff in the USA, imagine what it's like in Hungary... AD&D 2E was never translated, only imported, and by maybe 2-3 stores in the country - one still has some of the old monster manuals, you know the version with the separate pages you can put in a very nice binder. I bought the first volume, but at 15$-20$ a piece, with some rarer stuff costing even more, I have not yet decided to complete the set. I like to have this on paper rather then in electronic format, though. Feels better to read.

4:03 AM  

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