Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Cold War Miniatures

I have been putting off buying the 28mm SG-1 miniatures from Phoenix for a long time. I checked the website from a link on this blog yesterday and discovered that Phoenix isn't making them anymore and sold their backstock to several different companies, all operating out of the UK.

In a panic, I clicked through the links to each of them and the only one still selling them was Cold War Miniatures.

I really hate nothing more than not buying something because it feels like an impulse buy and then finding out that it is OOP when I make up my mind to purchase it. So, I grabbed the credit card and purchased the complete set of Stargate SG-1 Miniatures from Cold War Minis.

Paypal estimates the conversion at around $113, which is pretty good, and shipping was free.

I will let you know what the quality of the miniatures is when (if) they arrive from England. I was in England last January and was going to try to find Phoenix then, but they didn't have a shop in London and I wasn't able to travel outside the city.

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