Monday, December 28, 2009

New Order from Troll and Toad

There is nothing more dangerous than being snowed in with an internet connection and a credit card.

This is what I've ordered from Troll and Toad.

When I get home, I will take pictures and do reviews of them all...eventually.

  • Kem Ravenbane #094 Mage Knight Sorcery: Got the last one! An excellent proxy for the evil guy in Baldur's Gate.
  • Warrior Sprite #008 Mage Knight Sinister: These are only $0.79, so if good, I might get a bunch more.
  • Centipede #020 HorrorClix Nightmares: These were also pretty cheap, and I really want lots of nasties for forests and caverns.
  • Goat-Headed Satanist #018 HorrorClix Nightmares: This will be an excellent Ibixian shaman.
  • Nessie #043 HorrorClix Nightmares: I have been collecting water based monsters a lot lately, so I couldn't resist. I think a ship crossing of the Sea ofFallen Stars is in the PCs future...
  • Pod People #019 HorrorClix Nightmares: Impulse buy, but might be useful someday. No regret is as painful as not buying something now you may want later when it is out of print. Like the Ultimate Godzilla toy which would be an excellent Tarrarasque but though you could once get it for $10 is now $375 on My wife does not appreciate this very good advice.
  • Sasquatch #013 HorrorClix Nightmares: I don't know why I bought this. Impulse buy. It is exactly the same pose as the Reaper metal miniature hanging on my wall...but was under a dollar. I AM NOT A HORDER!!!! (If the hord is organized, you're not a horder, you're a collector.)
  • Satanist #038 HorrorClix Nightmares: Can you ever have enough?
  • Succubus #044 HorrorClix Nightmares: I think this would make an excellent proxy for an Alu Fiend, and will probably make her a stand-in for Aliisza from The Empyrean Odyssey.
  • Voodoo Priest #045 HorrorClix Nightmares: He is like that Disney character, but I like human shamen.
  • Fan Dancer #061 Freakshow HorrorClix: I will have to look at her, but I'm hoping I can re-sculpt a little to make this a proxy for a swanmay
  • Catman #040 DC Heroclix Origin Rookie: I probably already have one of these, but maybe I will make this the vestments for Sharessan Celebrants, if I do.
  • Anaconda #031 Rookie Marvel Heroclix Ultimates: What is this? Is it a dude with boobs? Fzoul Chembryl's ugly sister? At $0.49, I'll roll the dice.
  • Green Arrow #014 Justice League DC Heroclix: I love Green Arrow, and have a bunch of different ones and poses. Maybe they will be Meilikki priest vestments or something.
  • Merlyn #019 Justice League DC Heroclix: I am always looking for rangers who don't look dorky.
  • Black Panther #085 Rookie Marvel Heroclix Infinity Challenge: I don't know for sure what I'll use this for, but I'll find something.
  • Raven #029 Experienced DC Heroclix Icons: I have a bunch of Raven in blue and two different poses because I'm using her as vestments for a priest of something. The white one will be the High Priestess.
  • Fandral #018 Heroclix Hammer of Thor: Another fighter.
  • Heimdall #036 Heroclix Hammer of Thor: Not crazy about a sword where the hilt is longer thant he blade, but the rest of the mini is pretty cool.
  • Karnilla #020 Heroclix Hammer of Thor: Always looking for evil females.
  • Loki #035 Heroclix Hammer of Thor: I really like this mini. Not sure if I will use her as a barbarian or something else. I should have also gotten the male version of Loki. Next time.
  • Moonstone #022 Heroclix Hammer of Thor: I have a lot of super heroine type minis, but I like the mask. Maybe I will make these the vestments of the Church of Mask.
  • Namora #024 Heroclix Hammer of Thor: I use all of the Namor-ite miniatures as Aquatic Elves.
  • Sif #033 Heroclix Hammer of Thor: I have a metal miniature to use for Sif, so this will be just another female fighter NPC. I don't think it is detailed enough for anyone to want to use as a PC.
  • Venus #052 Heroclix Hammer of Thor: This is a great mini and would make a much better cleric of Sune than the WOTC one...but that ain't gonna happen with these priced at $12 each! Maybe I will make her the High Priestess at the temple and the rest mere clerics.
  • Hawkeye #052 Rookie Marvel Heroclix Clobberin Time: Another ranger, though at $0.49, you could get a whole lot of them and make them Cormyrean Archers.
  • Medusa #095 Unique Marvel Heroclix Clobberin Time: She's just hot...and I will find something for her to do that justifies the $12 price tag.
  • Citizen V #52 Avengers Marvel HeroClix: I have no idea what I'll do with this, but he is kind of neat. A little pricey to repaint at $5, but if I don't like it I might go that route.
  • Taskmaster #29 Avengers Marvel HeroClix: I'm sure I can find a use for this. Not sure if he is really skeletal or if it is a mask.
  • Angel of Valor Legionnaire #3/40 - Savage Encounters D&D Miniatures (x4)
  • Black Slaad #4/40 - Savage Encounters D&D Miniatures (x2)
  • Bullywug Guard #7/40 - Savage Encounters D&D Miniatures (x10)
  • Drider Fanglord #12/40 - Savage Encounters D&D Miniatures (x4)
  • Greenvise Vine #20/40 - Savage Encounters D&D Miniatures (x2)
  • Human Outrider #22/40 - Savage Encounters D&D Miniatures (x5)
  • Norker #27/40 - Savage Encounters D&D Miniatures (x10)
  • Rat Swarm #28/40 - Savage Encounters D&D Miniatures (x4)
  • Rockfire Dreadnought #29/40 - Savage Encounters D&D Miniatures (x3)
  • Salamander Archer #30/40 - Savage Encounters D&D Miniatures (x3)
  • Thief of Last Chances #58 Dreamblade Baxar's War: Not sure what I'll use this for.
  • Jorogumo - Arcane Legions Single Miniatures: I might use this for an Areana or the Lady Pentitent from the Lisa Smedman books
  • Gray Slaad #18/40 - Savage Encounters D&D Miniatures (x2)
  • GenoHaradan Assassin #40 Knights of the Old Republic Star Wars Miniatures: Might not be useful, but you gotta buy SWMs with real swords and not light sabres.
  • Sith Assassin #16 Knights of the Old Republic Star Wars Miniatures: Ditto
  • Praetorite Vong Warrior #39
  • Captain Mar Tuuk #5/40 Galaxy at War Star Wars Minis: I will have to look at it before I decide what I will do with it...holy crap, did I really blow $12 on it? Better be freakin' awesome!
  • Elite Senate Guard #27/40 Galaxy at War Star Wars Minis: I need to look at this, but at $0.61 this could be a pretty cool palace guard bought in bulk.
  • Human Force Adept #45 Alliance and Empire Star Wars Miniatures: I think this could be a cool priestly vestmant, and they are $0.49 so I could buy in bulk if needed. Perhaps a druidic sect, worhipers of Sylvanus?
  • Ithorian Commander #10 Alliance and Empire Star Wars Miniatures: I got 5 of these, I'm thinking they will be a variant of Myconid and live in the Underdark.



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