Saturday, December 05, 2009

Eye of Frost

As you know, recently ordered my new series set from Auggie's and while I was at it I ordered another Eye of Flame.
I wanted to try my hand at repainting it as a conversion to an Eye of Frost. It came out pretty well, I think.

First step is to spray the whole thing with a white primer coat.

Next, I painted the entire mini with Pearl White paint from the Reaper Master Series paints. This gave the mini a really nice opalescent quality which shimmers like ice or snow.

Once the Pearl White dried, I used some different shades of blue from the Reaper Pro-Paints line. I can't remember which ones and though the paints are still sitting in teh living room waiting for my wife to tell me to put them away, I am not at home to look at them. I'll try to post the shades in the comments later. Mostly the eye is dark blue with a light blue highlight around the iris, inside eye, and lips.

I used Reaper Saphire Blue Ink as a wash to the body and eyestalks to give depth, and black wash in the mouth to accentuate the teeth. I had painted the teeth Pure White, and then they stained up nicely as nasty looking teeth. I used a little tissue wipe off the black ink from the tops of the teeth.

ALl that ink pooled around the base, so I used Pure White to repaint the base like snow. If I were being really dedicated, I might have used some green stuff to make drifts on the base, but these are as much utilitarian as they are for display...really, they are much more for game play than for display, so I don't mind them not being perfect.

Quite pleased with the results!

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i knew i wasn't the only one who wanted the WOTC xmas snowball. ;-)

different process, but pretty similar results:

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