Monday, February 01, 2010

Sharn Scratchbuild

In my never ending quest to have all the monsters, I decided to try my hand at scratchbuilding a Sharn.

I had a bunch of blue plastic gene stealers from Warhammer and noticed that some of the parts might lend themselves well to the conversion.

First I cut the parts off the plastic minis and arranged the ones I needed to use for the conversion.Then I took a little brown stuff and attached the hand and claw tri-arm assemblies and attached two torsos with heads together.

Next, I took the twin torsos and used green stuff to attach an unbent paperclip to it as a skeleton. The wire I attached through a slotta base to the cork I use to hold the sculptures I'm working on. I filled the slot and connected it to the clip using green stuff.

The next step was to attach the arm triads and to begin to build up the body using combinations of brown and green stuff.

The results are pretty good, I think. I wanted to post the images before I did the painting because once the whole thing is painted black there might not be any way to really see the individual parts as reflective of the steps.

Not sure if I will do another one of these, not likely to run more than one sharn at a time. :)

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