Monday, December 26, 2011

Holy crap! Over a year since my last post.

Well, it has been a very hectic time IRL, and though I've been wanting to get back to the dungeon for ages, it just hasn't happened.

I am off teaching for the coming semester, though, so I will have some extra time. I'm in a play (which I'm also producing) in February and have some planned travel to some conferences, but my sincere ambition is to get the dungeon room in game ready condition before my birthday in June, and start playing again then, if not before.

Also, I really want to re-organize the monster closet and get back to updating the monster files, with all new photographs.

I have a bunch of new minis coming in from several companies, and I'll try to do some reviews as they arrive.

I've also been working on my internet wishlist surfshopping while visiting my in-laws for the holidays. Even though WOTC isn't making their DDM line any more, there are still some great minis out there to be had.

For example:

Lord of the Rings Heroclix complete set:




Bearded Demon:

Bullywug Mage:

Bullywug Hero:

Bullywug Slingshotter:

Female Orc Cooking:

Female Orc Dancing:

Female Orc Concubine:


Cup Bearer:



Earl Marshall:

Man with Pipe:

Elegant Lady:

Fair Maiden:



Halfling Cook:

Halfling Drinking:

Halfling Mother:

Halfling with Pipe:

Halfling Sweeping:

Halfling Villagers:

Kid throwing rock:


Kings Advisor:

King's Court:

Lady of the Night:

Man Whittling:




Travelling Halfling:


Female Assassin:

Female Prowler:

Old Thief:

Arabian God Female:

Arabian God Male:

Harem Girl:

Harem Water Bearer:

Harem Dancer #1:

Harem Dancer #2:

Harem Musician #1:

Harem Musician #2:

Harem Slave:


Female Bard:

Glabrezu #1:

Glabrezu #2:


Plague Doctor:

Anubi Archer Unit:

Anubi Hero:

Anubi Musician:

Anubi Standard Bearer:

Anubi Warrior A:

Anubi Warrior B:

Anubi Warrior C:

Anubi Warrior Unit:

Asar Heroine:

Basti Catnip Detail:

Basti Camp Follwers #1:

Basti Camp Folowers #2:

Basti Skirmisher A:

Basti Skirmisher B:

Basti Skirmisher Unit:

Basti Warband Deal:

Basti Standard Bearer:

Beloved of Sobek:

Harbinger of Bast:

Basti Master of Words:

Harbinger of Anubis:

Khemru Master of Words:

Priestess of Bast:

Ibixi Priestess:

Sebeki Starter Set:

Tethru Starter Set:

Scareb Ogre (crabman?):

Ice Witch:

Guard Tower:

Timbered House:


Arkham Horror Complete Set:

City of Thieves Blue Set:

City of Thieves Red Set:

The Duke:

White Dragon:

Pathfinder complete set: