Saturday, November 06, 2010

So little time and so many minis...

Well, to those few people who follow this blog, many apologies for my lack of attention to it. And to my players, who have been stuck in that "we left the module" cave with the stone golem and the coffin for two years now.

I do hope to get back to playing and working 2E materials again soonly, but not making any promises--even to myself.

Nearly have the full Lords of Madess set now, and reasonably pleased with the minis, though I'm fairly certain we won't be getting any more.

Wizards just no longer seems interested in supporting the miniatures line in any way. They don't even mention them on the main website anymore and just recently announced they were giving up on HeroScape.

Sad days.

I'm posting pretty frequently on the DDM Spoilers site, but have honestly had zero time to work on the D&D room or miniatures lately. Bought a house two years ago, and that is a bigger time suck than gaming.