Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Happy New Year

Well, after a very bumpy plane ride, I am back home in my own basement and preparing with great anticipation to resume my campaign world.

I spent a lot of time up in Minot working out the details in the next module the PCs will be going through, Doom of Daggerdale, and trying to untangle the mess of chronology my Forgotten Realms notes are.

It was a very difficult decision, but I'm going to eliminate a big chunk of history from my my campaign in Iowa City from 1993. A lot of the chronology established there just isn't going to work with what I'm doing now. I had run those characters (Ursk, Pacheco, and Eye Kook) through Feast of the Goblyns as part of a grand scheme I had of reviving Zhengyi in the Bloodstone Lands...but in working on the Realms time line I have discovered there are some unreconcilable problems in what I was doing and what TSR did.

Also, I want to run that module with my new players using a revised time line, so the adventures of the Mysterians will end with the confrontation with Auril.

Another thing that has given me fits is that I think I was using a 7 day week instead of the tenday system, so I will have to do some careful checking of notes as I integrate that history. Very good thing that I somehow ended up with all the character notebooks from all of those players from back then and have kept them.

I also got a great phone call from my friend Matt Clark at Reaper and am looking forward to a few extras in my package from Reaper I ordered last week. He has also convinced me to give the Reaper paints a try...and the convincing wasn't hard to do, since they really do have the best reputation in the business. He let me know that painting techniques have really evolved since the "old school" way we did back in the '70's.

Matt is an amazing mini painter, so I have every reason to trust him, even if I am nervous about learing a new style of painting. He's also sending a pile of Warlord even though I'm never going to give up my 2nd Edition materials, I promised I'd give a new game system a peek.


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