Saturday, October 28, 2006

Blood War likely to disappoint...

I found a really nice miniatures blog while trying to find images of the complete new Blood War line. I'm starting to see that there are not quite as many devils and demons as you might expect in a set called Blood War, but I will take what I can get. Storm Silverhand and the Green Slaad are going to be important additions to my collection. I'm sure I'll love most of the minis, but I was really hoping for denizens of the lower planes to dominate.

Anyway, the blog is It is entirely in French, but the images are great and he I think he is a retailer, maybe in Belgium? He seems to have images of a lot of promo items.

He also has good links to other accessory providers, like a European company that makes excellent resin buildings. See the links page, I've added them.

I have done a major revamping of my D&D area in the basement. Added another bookshelf for minis storage, added a bookshelf for all the books I got from my friend in Iowa City, and am busy continuing with my monstrous compendium in Publisher 2000 along with the Hall of Heroes NPC catalog in the same format. Something to keep me busy well into my nineties.

I've also added an FTP program to the laptop that I use in my D&D room for Dungeon Mastering, which means I don't have to run to the other office anymore to upload images from my figs or other items referred to in my posts....that means I can link to a lot more pictures in future.

Hopefully, I'll be making more posts so that this blog might be a little more interesting to other people besides myself.

Well, here's hoping.


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