Monday, October 23, 2006

Huge new pile of books

I went to a theatre convention a week ago, to Iowa City. While there I stayed with my old friend and veteran player in my IC campaign, Guido. It was a little sad that he told me he didn't think he'd be playing D&D again any time soon, as most of his regular players had either moved out of Iowa City, Iowa, and/or the Prime Material Plane for good. He sent me back to Virginia with two gigantic boxes of his 1st and 2nd Edition books. It will take a little while to find shelf space for them all...not least because I'm going to need more shelves.

With the almost upon us release of Blood War, I am also doing a new inventory of my current figures, moving them on the shelves to make room, and adjusting my ever growing not likely to stop expanding Monstrous Compendium I'm doing in Publisher 2000.

I'm going to post a few needs lists here, just so I don't forget. I'll also be organizing my surplus figures for another large lot on eBay soon to add funds and make room in the basement for the new Blood War minis. I'm really looking forward to these. I hope there are some good ones from the old FF and MM's. I have a particular love of devils and demons, even though I've never had a party survive long enough to face any.

Since I have a figure based campaign, I try to have the number of minis for each monster as are listed as the number appearing in the Compendium. 2-6 appearning means I need (or would like) 6 minis.

This is why I don't mind re-sculpts--but please, not on unique monsters or who only have 3 or fewer appearing. 80 Sahuagin all in the same pose suck just as much as 6 different poses of Lord Soth would.

NEEDS (I'm in the S's right now in the shelf shifting):
2 more Red Slaads
Giant Slug...probably will have to make my own
1-6 Green Slaads. When will WOTC make these?
1-6 Gray Slaads. Again with the when?
1-6 more Blue Slaads
6 more Sirines (I'm using Marrina from Marvel Heroclix)
5 more Shadow Mastiffs (I think these are Ral Partha Ravenloft figs)
2-12 Sha'az. Please, WOTC, make these.
2 more giant scorpions
2-16 Scathe. I have a fig I use for these, I think it is Grenadier.
3-4 Scaladar. I'm surprised that with Eberron, they haven't done these yet.
3 more Salamanders
75 more Sahuagin


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