Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Weeping over loss of my camera...well the camera I was borrowing...

I'm having caniptions because I don't have a camera that can take good closeup pictures of miniatures anymore. I have tons of minis, not just the Blood War ones, that need photographing and really miss having that camera. I went shopping today with a miniature trying out digital cameras all over the place, but none under the price of $500 or so had the ability to focus on anything as small as a kobold without it being all grainy from the digital zoom. I'm going to have to try to get my old employer to sell me the camera I borrowed when I worked there. I can offer up to $300 and the promise that they can borrow it back from me whenever they need it. Sounds fair to me...hope they see it that way.

The main reason I'm weeping about the camera is that last night I got a wild hair and pulled out a bunch of green and brown stuff and sculpted a pretty kick butt Aboleth. That's a monster I've always wanted a miniature of and seriously doubt anyone will make it. It is still in the "amorphous blob category" of creature, so it is a good step up from my last sculpt, the Horgar. As soon as I have a camera, I'll post images.

I'd wanted to do images of the whole process, because it was an interesting cobbling of bits for the framework, and because taking picutres would have been a good way to force me to slow down my sculpting process. I haven't quite gotten the hang of doing sculpts in stages...I want to rush through and be finished, which means I'm always squishing down details of parts of the sculpt that haven't hardented yet.

This time I really really tried (not entirely successfully) but the results were good enough that I'm going to be more likely to sloooowwww down in future sculpts, because the only parts of the sculpt I don't like were the result of hurrying the process.

What was it Franklin said? "Experience keeps a dear school, but fools can learn in no other."

Guess my alma mater.


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