Saturday, December 23, 2006

Dire Corbys and Darkenbeasts, Oh My!

I finally have a little free time again to devote to monstrology. I'm still fighting my way through the D section of my massive compendium project, but I have decided to put Deities in a seperate volume. That's saved a little room. Finally finishing the dragons today, I am moving onto some of the more interesting and rare creatures which fall earlier in the alphabet.

One of my favorite creatures is the Dire Corby. I've got one, lonely figure that I'm certain was intended to be that monster, made by Ral Partha. I can't make out the date stamp on the bottom, but I think it is 1978. That would make sense, as it is one of the figures I've had since my earliest days of the hobby. I also have no idea what Ral Partha called this creature. Perhaps "bird woman" since it has mammilian breasts. The original monster appears on page 26 of the TSR Fiend Folio.

I would love to get several more of these, since they are described and hunting in flocks. Ideally, I'd be interested in picking up another 11 or so of them. If anyone out there has some, please let me know. I've tried looking through Stuff of Legends to identify the exact name and model number of the miniauture, but haven't had any luck yet. If you can identify the mini by model number and product name, please post that in the comments so that I will have an easier time searching auctions and websites for it.

Another interesting old mini I have in the D section is what I'm using for a Darkenbeast. The Darkenbeast appears in the Forgotten Realms compendium, and this figure is a very good match for it. I don't think it is in the early TSR books, but I could be wrong. You can see an image at the WOTC website. The miniature I'm using is also Ral Partha and the unpainted one I recently picked up on eBay is clearly dated 1978 on the bottom. It came in two pieces, you glue the body to the two legs.

Given that the miniatures are of similar style I suspect that they are by the same sculptor. Any information on these old figures would be greatly appreciated.

Oh, and by the way, I have a complete blood war set now...or I will as soon as the Firegiant Forgepriest arrives in the mail.

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Blogger Heidi Ward said...

I have a Dire Corby for sale on Ebay. I have not been able to find too much information regarding these characters. Do you have any feedback?

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