Saturday, December 23, 2006

WOTC Monster Index

Well, googling around for Dolgrim, I discovered this very useful resource: WOTC Monster Index. This is a great listing of every monster and where it can be found in the 3E published materials. This is a really valuable resource for me, because with the D&D Miniatures releases, I'm constantly (as with the Dolgrim) wondering what the heck is this thing and where am I supposed to find the 3E entry to convert to 2E? Now, all I have to do is click on the link here (I've added it to the blog) and then enter the creature in the search box. One more click and I know which incredibly expensive WOTC book I'm supposed to go out and buy in order to satisfy my obsessive compulsive urge to convert the stats in my ever expanding compendium.

Of course, I try to only buy them off of eBay or used bookstores in order to both save money and protest in my humble way the change from 2E to 3E and 3.5E and whatever comes next.

Harumph. By the way, Dolgrim...Eberron. Not a campaign world I'm even remotely interested in--other than that my friend Lee Moyer has done a lot of art work for that campaign world.


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