Sunday, December 24, 2006

Myrkul's Denizens...hangin' out in Hades

You don't run into Denizens much, unless you are using the module series dealing with the Time of Troubles. They are usually hanging out exclusively in Hades taking care of their master, Myrkul. They were priests of Myrkul in life, but in death are "rewarded" with nasty looking forms and the job of tormenting the dead. There are many different kinds of denizens, but I liked how these seemed to work for "knights" which are described as having "grotesque, casklike bodies with gangly, mis-shapen arms that drag along the ground. Their short legs bely their speed and grace. Knights have humanlike heads and features except for the bilious fangs and glowing red eyes."

The minis in question are actually Ghasts produced by RAFM for their Call of Cthulhu line. If you click on the link you can buy some if you like.

I'm thinking of introducing a chronomancy artifact into my campaign at some point, so that in a manner similar to how characters pop into and out of Ravenloft, my characters might pop around in time so that I can utilize some of my date specific modules which fall much earlier than the current date of 1368. I'd be interested in having my characters suddenly appearing in the Time of Troubles or helping in Curse of the Azure Bonds.

Other than that, I am not sure how my players would ever come into contact with Denizens, since a trip to Hades isn't in their near future. Also, I'm not sure what use Kelemvor would have for the Denizens, so maybe they work for Cyric. I've got a lot of "history" to catch up on once I've finished my comprehensive study of monstrology.

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