Monday, December 25, 2006


Deepspawn are a particularly disgusting creature native to the Forgotten Realms campaign setting. As I understand it, Deepspawn are essentially an easy way to keep your dungeon stocked with monsters without regard to the impact on local ecology or continuity of story.

The deepspawn is a giant mess of a monster that could be mistaken for a gibbering mouther. In fact, I used this figure for a gibbering mouther up until WOTC released the gibbering mouther mini and I needed to find another use for what I'd been using. Deepspawn seemed like an ideal solution.

This monster, whose sheet is be found in the 2E Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting, can "spawn" fully formed any creature it has ever eaten, so long as has enough meat, vegetable matter, and water or blood to fuel the birthing.

It is a pretty disgusting living verison of the Thingmaker by Mattel, replicating monsters as needed by the DM.

I know that my miniature isn't exactly like the description in the MC, which calls for a spere with siz limbs--three of which are tentacle arms and three are jaw arms. In my world it is more of a blob which can extend tentacles as needed. I use the miniature from RAFM called "Shoggoth, Protoplasmic Horror", and I think it works just fine. If you click on the link you can buy one direct from the manufacturer.

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