Saturday, June 02, 2007

An Excellent Session

Well, it was strange to be playing again after so many months off. But we managed to get back in the swing of things pretty quickly. One of my players recently picked up a nearly complete collection of 2nd Edition books from a guy who was selling it on eBay. He's started his own campaign in addition to playing in ours.

The disease is spreading. :)

Thanks, players, for making the trip down and for making the session so enjoyable--even if the thief did succumb to drow sleeping poison in the first 5 minutes and spent the entire rest of the session sawing logs while all around him was death and mayhem.

I've really begun in earnest to keep a readable chronology with notations and illustrations of the current campaign over at the Severed Head Blog.

If you're interested, now would be a good time to start reading, because I've just gotten finished with the posts dealing with background and the first two mini-adventures.

Feel free to post comments and questions over there. One of the really fun things for me is interweaving information, characters and history from the campaign I ran in High School into the campaign I'm running now. All the characters from The Hopeful Seven were the ones I ran back then as a player. Some of the things those old duffers set in motion are going to have profound implications for "the next generation".

Who knows? The old Dungeon of Doom might even turn up, restocked and more dangerous than it was in the 80's.



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