Friday, June 01, 2007

Session tomorrow...first since JANUARY???

Wow, time really flies when you're too busy to do any dungeoun delving. My players and I have arranged a session for tomorrow, and in prepping to post the notes our scribe informed us that the last session was in January. Makes you weep, really. I really miss the old days when we started playing at 6:00 every Friday and didn't stop untill we couldn't keep our eyes open, sometime Saturday moring.

Of course, I was in high school in the good old days and didn't have a job, but what difference should 30 years and a salary make?

Anyway, I'm in full out prep mode, trying to get my entire brain back in the DM saddle. The basement is clean, the monsters alphabetized, and I'm re-reading the module. I've got to sort through old notes and post a compiled synopsis to the Severed Head blog, update timelines, and pre-generate some of the random encounters to save some time.




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