Saturday, October 20, 2007

02144: Eric Swiftblade, Swashbuckler

Back to reviewing Reaper Minis from my most recent shipment so that I can delete them from my wishlist at the online Reaper store.

This pirate is sculpted by Sandy Garrity and is in a really nice, dynamic pose. He's got a puffy poet shirt with some sort of amulet swinging on his neck. I love the cutlass and his pirate boots. He could just as easily be a vistani/gypsy as a pirate.

I can't really tell if he has a bit of an overbite or if that is a moustache, though. I think I might go with moustache when I get to painting him.

I don't know if my players will ever spend any time crossing the Sea of Fallen Stars, but I've started getting a pretty nice collection of pirates, so they better watch out. First time they put to sea, they're likely to get set upon by a nasty crew of pirates both living and undead all commanded by that really great Sophie the Pirate succubus mini. Arrrr.

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