Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Reaper 03221 : Barrow Warden Keeper

I love this guy! Kevin Wiliams has really created a spooky contrast between the huge and powerful set of armor and the tiny skeleton wearing it. I think that this miniature would make a great centerpiece to a side bar adventure. If you knew that down the road your PCs would be facing some awful dragon or an extra-planar creature and they needed a little extra help in the form of a magic weapon and enchanted armor--instead of just letting them find it, have them kill the beastie wearing it!

Normally, I'm not that big a fan of expressive skeleton heads...bones don't move around to have facial expressions...but I don't mind that this guy has a brow ridge that makes him look really evil. It's only a hint, and mostly conveyed by shadow. To anticipate how the shadow will play on your sculpt is the mark of extraordinary talent. Kevin Wiliams, hats off!

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