Monday, October 08, 2007

Reaper 03184: Vareesh, Female Demon

Can you ever have too many succubi? Probably not, judging by the sheer number of sexy bat-winged demonesses out there on the market. This sculpt by Jim Johnson is a little lackluster when you compare her to the many poses we've seen Reaper's Sophie in over the years.

She isn't bad, but the fact that I toyed with the idea of leaving her wings off and just making her a female fighter tells you a little something about how little this particular sculpt inspires. In the end, I decided to leave the wings on her because I didn't want to deal with a female fighter doing a Janet Jackson with the one bare breast. I have enough to explain to a feminist wife and my one female player.

Somewhere, deep in my dungeon Errtu's succubi harem are getting tired of waiting for the PCs to find the door to their room. I just hope the Pit Fiend is enjoying the delights these sultry mavens have to offer when the theif picks that particular lock and the door swings wide.

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